Testimonials from Clients

  • Words cannot describe how lucky I was to work with Sean Sullivan. I would highly recommend him to everyone. As a first time buyer I was very inexperienced but he guided me the whole way with such care and professionalism. He understood the importance of getting value for money on the property. I can't thank him enough.

    Sean Sullivan gives 110%. He is all about integrity and excellence. I really can't imagine getting any better service than this. If you want to be part of a winning team, you can with Sean Sullivan and RE/MAX

  • If the house or apartment of your dreams does exist, make sure Pierre will find it for you. I can recommend him. He never gives up. He is patient, competent and very friendly.

  • This is to thank Mark Micallef for his impeccable service. I recently purchased an apartment including a garage through Remax. If it were not for his contacts I would not have come across it.

    Mark has been very patient and professional throughout the process even from before signing the promise of purchase.

    He was a very good liaison between me and the seller in solving some issues. He was available any time, even on Sundays! His response and advice was always quick and based on expertise. Mark surely knows his work well. He does it in a professional way and above all with dedication.

    I definitely recommend him and his agency!

  • Mark Micallef is a friend but more importantly a professional. The service we received from Mark Micallef was spot on. Mark understood our aspirations and the type of property that would tick all the check boxes we drew up.

    He listened attentively to our requests and intuitively knew what we were after.

    He would not put forward any recommendations unless he sincerely felt that there was a property that would appeal to us both and hence entice us to view it.

    Mark is interested in his end client and goes out of his way to find properties that match their expectation. Furthermore, Mark understands the needs of both parties, namely the buyer and seller. He searches for that middle-ground which keeps both parties happy rather than disappoints one or the other. Mark, to this day gives advice and recommendations on what to do with the property in order to maximize its value potential... that is added value no doubt.

  • The experience that Mark Micallef has in property negotiation is excellent.

    His loyalty, honesty and integrity stand way above the crowd.

    He always delivers what he promises. Mark has sold a property for us in St Julian’s. Since we design and finish properties, I recommended Mark to one of my clients and he managed to sell their property in no time.

    Still to this day, he continues to follow up on his past transactions, offering to help continuously to the best of his ability.

    I will definitely keep recommending him for his service and professionalism. His approach is different to most others - he listens carefully and suggests what he feels is the best way forward. The results he delivered to us were outstanding. Well done Mark and Thank you!!!

  • We have been searching in vain for our dream home for about 6 to 8 months. We scoured newspapers weekly, received door to door property magazines, and also looked through property agent websites. We met with quite a number of different agents from different companies who tried to help us out, but when they realised that we weren't liking what was being shown to us they tried selling us what they had and told us that what we were searching for was impossible to find in Malta and that we were literally wasting our time. By coincidence while viewing property for sale, we met with Chris Carabott from REMAX Central (Birkirkara), and he invited us to meet him. While having a drink, we talked and got to know each other better. We can for sure say that Chris is a wonderful guy, full of energy and is really cool to work with.

    We discussed, with Chris, what it was that we were searching for. Chris assured us that he would be able to find what we were searching for in not more than 7 days, including the weekend!

    We thought that this was some impressive talking and we couldn't believe it all. But try guessing what... we went to see property and yes indeed we found our dream home As Chris promised, he managed to find what we were searching for and we signed the "konvenju", 2 days ahead of target date. That's not all. Chris also helped us find the best bank to work out our home loan and guided us throughout the process of purchasing our dream home. We are soon to be the new owners of a House of Character in Zebbug ....with the great help of Chris.

  • This is a thank you and an appreciation letter for your service. I recently purchased a flat at the above mentioned address (we chose not to show full address to safeguard the privacy of our client) which also includes a garage, through your agency. I also used your service to sell the house where I used to live. All the staff at your agency was very nice, helpful and they make you feel at ease in taking the right decisions. But very special THANKS go to your agent Miriam Camilleri. She is excellent and superb.

    She was very helpful from the beginning till the end and even afterwards she kept in touch to see that everything was to my satisfaction

    She managed to attain a good deal for the house we sold, in a very short time, and also helped me a lot in taking the right decisions in buying the above mentioned property. She was excellent in the bargaining process in ensuring me with the right deals and very helpful in all the difficulties we encountered in concluding the purchasing contract. She also checked and took the necessary steps to overcome all the hurdles and bureaucracies we faced.

    She was a very good liaison between me, the buyers and the seller, the notary and all those involved in concluding contracts. I will definitely recommend your agency to other people, especially Miriam Camilleri for her/your friendly and excellent service. WELL DONE and THANKS.

  • We are a young couple who are planning to buy a house and eventually get married and have a family. After searching for a property that satisfies more or less our likings and needs for three months, we decided to come to Remax Central to seek help, since we had seen interesting properties on the website. We were interested in finding a terraced house in the central or southern area of Malta having 3 double bedrooms and ideally having modern finishings and situated in a nice area. After explaining briefly what sort of property we were looking for to Ms Rowena who is the front desk officer at Remax Central and after giving her a list of properties we liked from the website, we were contacted the day after by Mrs Miriam Camilleri. We had quite a lengthy telephone call with Miriam whereby she got to know us and our needs (including our budget) better.

    We must admit that we immediately realised that Miriam can help us as she seemed very knowledgeable in the subject matter.

    Due to our busy schedule, we had given our time availability to Miriam and she arranged to make appointments for us to be able to visit those properties that we had chosen from the website. There were 2 properties which we had chosen and which Miriam immediately told us that these do not satisfy our needs so we did not waste time visiting them. About one week later we went to visit 4 of the properties which we like and at our first meeting we managed to find a terraced house which we really liked and on which we have already made a promise of sale.

  • We were quite realistic when we set out to look for a property with Ian. We had been renting property in different areas for almost three years before buying. We wanted an easily maintained property with a good and central location within walking distance from work, shopping, etc. A property that in the future could serve as a rental investment or would give us a small profit in return should we choose to sell.

    Ian James, Our RE/MAX Estate agent in Malta quickly got the grasp of what we were looking for and today we are quite confident that we have made a good choice.

    Ian Listened to our demands and also to our dreams and managed to tie them together to fit us perfectly. When we went to the bank our contact confirmed that Ian had provided us with the right information regarding the property and the location.

  • When my husband and I first met Charlene Gatt she was a new member of the team at Remax/Gozo. Richard and I had been looking for a farmhouse property in Gozo over a four year period and had been dealing with a number of agencies. We found Charlene to be delightful company, her knowledge of the island of Gozo is extensive and her to be positive and polite.

    Richard and I now have a wonderful old farmhouse in Gharb and a lovely friend - Charlene

    Her manner makes her excellent company. Once we had settled on two possible properties, Charlene dealt with the individual vendors, and negotiated on our behalf. Richard and I now have a wonderful old farmhouse in Gharb and a lovely friend - Charlene!

  • I thought I would just drop you a line to tell you how professional a member of your Gozo staff has been. Charlene Gatt has been absolutely amazing over the past years with myself buying, selling, and then buying again. She has helped us through the buying process in such a way that I think we wouldn't have otherwise bought properties in Gozo as we would have been frightened away. Charlene has gone out of her way - assisting us out of normal working hours - to make sure we were always happy and comfortable, keeping us informed and up to date with the process. Charlene is a credit to your company and we would never have any fears in recommending to her to anyone wanting to buy or sell a property. As a businessman myself, I know how hard it is to get good reliable staff that put in that little extra these days you have done very well finding Charlene :)

  • I would like to thank Remax for the service provided in purchasing a property in Marsalforn, Gozo. The person responsible for our deal was Mr. Kevin Cauchi.

    From the outset he proved to be very reliable, punctual and kept any promise that he made.

    He was not just a dealer but a good advisor. We felt that we could trust him and the outcome showed that we were right. I wholeheartedly recommend him when dealing with customers because you do not have to be an expert but can rest assured that he will strike the right deal for you and explain every detail.

    Although we have purchased the property, he has kept in touch and is always ready to help us. Having said that, I would like to point out that he is an expert in his profession. I am totally satisfied and wish to recommend him and Remax to the people at large.

  • I engaged Remax on a Friday. Josette Faure from the San Gwann office visited on a Monday, they organised two viewings on a Tuesday, procured an offer through Noel Agius that same evening, and organised a promise of sale with lawyers on the Wednesday evening. Difficult to better that! Neither did their service stop there:

    Their service throughout was professional, charming and above all fair. These people show enterprise without being pushy.

    As I live abroad, they organised surveys and access for buyers and their architect and monitored progress towards completion at every stage. Their service throughout was professional, charming and above all fair. I would very strongly recommend them to anyone in search of efficient and trouble-free property transactions in Malta.

  • We have finished our big deal - purchased a villa in Santa Maria Estate.

    You helped all my family to realise my dream.

    Thank you so much for that. To be honest, it was a hard job to work with us. You were realistic and you only told me the truth. You always helped to solve my problems and I had a lot of them. I am really happy to have worked with you. You are professional and I hope to come back to you again for another business. Good luck to you.

  • My wife and I who are now buying a Flat at Clear Waters Mansions St Thomas/Marsascala where very impressed as customers of your agent. I have dealt with customer services within BT in the UK for the last 27 years and I can tell you that the all-round qualities Mr. Spiteri has, they are not easy to find in any customer or end-user orientated industry.

    He is a beacon and an excellent example for your company... REMAX Malta.

  • Just a brief note to thank-you for all the hard work you have done in negotiating a decent price for our new house in Mosta and for making the whole operation so smooth, easy and memorable.

    In a situation like ours, in which we were climbing such a gigantic step for the first time in our lives, your emotional and psychosomatic support was imperative.

    I would also like to thank-you for your moral support even when we had to cancel our previous purchase in Attard and for your encouragement for us to get back on our feet again. We do admit that we are a bit demanding, but you have flawlessly exceeded our expectations. Mario, I would also like to thank-you for making yourself available and answering calls on your mobile even late in the evenings and on weekends. You were the only real estate to be there in such times until the very last day of the deed.

    To all my family, friends and colleagues who are searching for a property, Remax San Gwann is a must recommendation. During our purchasing process, unlike every other real estate which we dealt with, Remax San Gwann was not the organisation which was interested in our one time commission, but was instead interested in our overall customer experience. Entering your branch in San Gwann and finding friendly, dedicated, courteous, polite, helpful and smiling staff who greet me with a convincing good morning and a cup of coffee used to make me feel a really valued customer, an experience which no other real estate gave me. Once again I thank-you for this amazing customer experience and I look forward for more to come!

  • I would like to thank you and your company for helping me find and purchase a home. I would especially like to thank Mario Mangion who was always available and who made it his goal to help me find what I was looking for and always went out of his way to make sure that I had all the information on the properties that I viewed.

    Mario was extremely patient and always smiling and willing to help in any way without being pushy to get the sale and above all looking out for my best interest.

    He always maintained the perfect balance of professionalism, patience, understanding and humour. In a nutshell, Mario provided the friendly service that is so often hard to find these days. I am the proud owner of my first home and this is thank to you and the excellent service provided by your staff. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to my family and friends. Once again thank you for all your hard work and dedication and making my dream home become a reality.

  • When you're an inexperienced first time buyer like I was before I bought my house with Remax two years ago, it's great knowing you have a trustworthy, patient and reliable estate agent by your side.

    I visited properties with numerous agents for over a year. Michelangelo Galea was the only agent who worked hard to built a solid rapport with me as a client, to find not only a decent property, but the perfect property that caters for my needs. Looking back, I am very happy with my investment. It wouldn't have been possible without Michelangelo's tenaciousness.

  • Thanks to Remax I Was looking for my first place, because of them I did not need to look at any other agency as Michelangelo was there to showcase a large number of properties and helped me find the exact one I was looking for stress-free !

  • He has been of great assistance in finding our perfect house in a short period of time. He got to know our tastes immediately after we met. He was always flexible and reachable. In addition to this he was very knowledgeable about every house we saw and its surrounding areas.

    If you are looking for a really good, calm and friendly agent look no further and contact Michelangelo! You won’t be disappointed.

  • First and foremost thank you for giving us this opportunity in expressing our modest opinion for one of your team members who in excellent manner and with positive attitude dominated our choice in buying our property through RE/MAX.

    Succeeding in business is finding the right people and that is what we found on RE/MAX.

    Buying with RE/MAX seems to be a circle where the right property, right people with the right attitude and innovation mingles so perfectly that makes buyer's decision easy.

    We looked around but there was always a turning back to your properties because we were always welcome and in particular case( Roderick) was always present with an alternative and detailed different opportunity accompanied with a smile and the excellent customer care. We would highly recommend him and RE/MAX Malta to anyone looking for an outstanding service who will work hard for you until your choice will be definite!

  • We would like to express our sincere thanks to Remax for helping us find our own little dream home! Thanks to Ms Mandy Miller and Ms Miriam Camilleri we have now finally purchased our new home after 5 years of searching. We have been in contact with Remax for many years, however contacting Mandy from Remax Central who then introduced us to Miriam was a real blessing. Through it all they have both helped us with the deal from the beginning and I’m sure they will continue to do so through the next and final steps. We are very grateful to have met such sweet and genuine people.

    Mandy’s bubbly character is a magnet and Miriam’s sweet & genuine motherly spirit was so much more than we ever expected. Like many couples we were a little apprehensive at making such a quick decision, but with the proper guidance and professional advice which Miriam gave us we felt so much more at ease and that we were in good hands.

    She even managed to get us a great deal on the price after negotiating with the owner, even though on her day off! True work and dedication from the heart which we really appreciate. We would highly recommend Remax Malta especially Remax Central any time. Many many thanks!

  • I would like to take this opportunity to endorse Mandy in not only her professionalism, but in her ethical manner which gave us as sellers ‘peace of mind’ when placing our home in her hands. For those that may be a little like me - cautious and even cynical about the housing industry - I found quite quickly that not only did Mandy achieve the desired results, but we had an honest and transparent dialogue at every stage. From watching and listening to Mandy show prospective buyers around our home, it was done with neither too much ‘over sell’ or the slightest apathy, and I always felt that not only was it perfectly pitched but showed a true understanding of the house, it benefits and character. During the short time the sale of the house was in Mandy’s hands, she showed time and again that she had both the interests of the buyer and seller in mind, a hugely important factor in gaining the trust of all parties that provides the required results.

    Mandy’s direct approach was refreshing as we had experienced a handful of other agents and were dissatisfied with their abilities and questioned their integrity.

    Therefore we were possibly quite difficult to please and our criteria for a good agent was high, and Mandy met and exceeded our expectations very quickly. Within a short time Mandy had qualified every potential buyer that visited our home, and we were grateful that under Mandy’s watch, there no time wasters, and indeed we received several offers very quickly after the house had been on the market with other agents for quite some time. Therefore we are extremely grateful to have had Mandy act for us, and of course how she handled everything from listing the property, qualifying buyers, showing and representing our home and ultimately her skilled negotiations at the end that provided a win win for all parties in an honest, direct and ethical manner.

    Therefore this is certainly one person, after experience with many, that I would endorse and recommend for all the right reasons.

  • I had pleasure to work with Raymond Sammut and find what I needed in time! He is amazing person and I would recommend him for everyone.

    He makes our start at Malta much better and easier.

    I wish if I had place on website for recommendation.

  • I would like to commend Ray Sammut who helped us in our search for a flat in April this year. We were in a hurry to find a flat, however unlike the two other real estate professionals we spoke to, Raymond took the time to listen to our needs and not present us with anything that did not fit the criteria.

    Whether it was cost, location, type of property, features or anything else, Ray consistently showed the right properties.

    We are very happy in the place we chose. I would commend Raymond to anyone as a first class, caring and empathetic real estate professional and you are fortunate to have him on your team.

  • I would like to thank Andrew Bugeja, the agent for Remax central Estate Agents , Malta, for all the help and guidance he gave to my wife and myself whilst handling the marketing and sale of our property at Balzan.

    Andrew acted in a highly professional and efficient way whilst maintaining a friendly and polite manner.

    His knowledge of the legal system and interaction with the various government departments smoothed the way to the completion of the transaction and signing of contracts Once again thank you Andrew.

  • I bought a few properties through Peter from RE/MAX. All I can say is that I have found him to be the most honest and the perfect person to deal with.

    He has found the right properties, at extremely competitive prices. He follows through till the end and gives superb advice. I highly recommend him should you be looking for a property in Malta.

  • We would like to thank you sincerely for your very professional assistance in this instance and would appreciate if you could kindly contact us should you have any other property in line with what we discussed.

    It was truly a pleasure meeting up with you.

  • After two years of house searching with different estate agents, I met Clint, an agent who upon listing my needs has made his research basing on my criteria.

    His understanding of what I was looking for was so intuitive that it took him only a week to find the place that I was almost disheartened that I would ever find.

    And indeed he found it without jeopardizing the least detail I requested.

  • Malcolm was excellent, patient, cool and yet decisive and determined. He perused his goal excellently and worked brilliantly hand in hand with his partner to get us the best deal.

    Both us and the seller are happy and we have commissioned Remax to sell off our new development of apartments, maisonette, garages and penthouse, as well as other properties thanks to their excellent professional handling of our sale.