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As well as being one of the largest cities in the south-eastern district of Malta, Żejtun is also one of the oldest cities in Malta. Also known as Città Beland, a title bestowed upon it by Grandmaster Hompesch back in 1797, Żejtun boasts centuries-old homes, palaces and churches. Being in close proximity to the sea, it provides access to beautiful panoramas of the south’s white-cliffed seascape and delectable strolls through Mediterrenean countryside. Living in Żejtun means living in history, with its narrow streets, weekly marketplace and a chance to hear the notorious local dialect. Zejtun is one of those areas where you will find all walks of life.

Property in Zejtun is very well sought after where one will discover two and three bedroom finished apartments and maisonettes starting at €70, 000 and on the other side of the coin, luxuriously fitted out Villas, Character homes and other properties in Zejtun that have a listing price of just over €1,000,000.

Olive groves and Knights

Żejtun as one villages emerged only in recent centuries, merging together two towns which were once distinct – Ħal Bisbut and Bisaqllin. The name of Żejtun is from the Sicilian-Arabic “olive”, which stands as a testament to the area’s abundant olive groves during the Saracen era. The area has been inhabited since pre-historic times through Roman and Byzantine. As an agrarian town, and a prosperous one too, Żejtun quickly grew into a medieval settlement, which the Knights discovered when they arrived in 1530. The Knights of St. John built palaces and the current parish church and added to the prestige of Żejtun, turning it into a true Baroque city.

Places of Interest

The Żejtun Roman villa is a very recent discovery and thought to be one of three Roman villas found in Malta, both residential and industrial in their use. The Roman villa is thought to have housed olive presses for the production of oil. Further ruins beneath the villa suggest a previous Punic estalbishment used for wine production.

Churches amounted to nineteen by 1576 in Żejtun. Nowadays many of these still stand, notably St Catherine’s Parish Church, which was originally built in the 12th century and St Gregory’s church, noted for being one of the first built after Saracen rule.

Luqa Briffa Gardens, or Ġnien il-Kmand, is a garden built in 1802 by the British High Commissioner Alexander Ball, as a gift to the Żejtun villagers for having participated in the revolt against the French. Early 18th century architecture can be seen, in gateways and fountains.The gardens offer a charming spot for relaxation.

Żejtun Parish Museum is the go-to place for art and archeology afficonados, as it is full of exhibits from Żejtun’s long history, with paintings, sculptures and archeological finds related to Żejtun, as well as the parish church crypts and sacristy.

The Gwiedi quarter contains many impressive houses that were once inhabited (and still may be) by well-known and noble families. Luscious baroque facades can still be seen at this well-kept residential quarter.

Shopping, Bars, Restaurants

Even though Żejtun is not a shopping centre, a weekly open market is held every Wednesday morning. Various amenities, be it shopping, religious services or public schools are available too. Bars, local bandclubs and sports clubs are popular hangouts. Żejtun is also very close to seaside localities for swimming, restaurants and other leisure activities.

Property available in Zejtun

Żejtun boasts a long and rich history and this is reflected in the real estate opportunities it provides prospective buyers. A wide spectrum of properties is available in the different distinct areas of Żejtun, from quaint modernised farmhouses with land and swimming pools out in the rural parts, to the old baroque palaces in the narrow town streets. From more recent times, traditional Maltese townhouses dating up to a century old, ranging from one bedroomed to multi-bedroomed family properties, are available in the centre of the village. Modern houses dating from 1980s as well as stylish contemporary apartment blocks are available both in the centre and along the outskirts of the town.

Traditionally, locals purchase their property close to their relatives however over the past decade this trend has changed where locals from Zejtun do not necessarily purchase their property in their home town. Recent quality multi-unit developments in Zejtun have provided great opportunities for First Time buyers to purchase a new property in Zejtun.

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