Property in Tarxien

Found in the Southern part of Malta, Tarxien is a small village inhabited by some 7,700 citizens. The name “Tarxien” is believed to have derived from the word “Tirix” – meaning “a large stone” which presumably is a reference to the stones used in the famous Tarxien temples. Dating back to 2800BC, the temples feature several large statues and stones. To this date, it is still not known how the large rocks were moved and placed, yet they remain one of Tarxien’s main attractions to tourists and locals alike.

During the hot Maltese summers, an estimated third of the Tarxien residents relocate to Summer residences in the villages located along the seaside perimeter of Malta.

Tarxien predominantly consists of several maisonettes and townhouses, with a few Villa’s located in the area. A few developments have given rise to a small number of apartments which are well priced in comparison to other, more popular, localities.

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