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Ideal place for young couples

Fgura is located in the southern Grand Harbour District, a centrally located area close to all necessary amenities. Set on a hill overlooking the historically important Three Cities, Fgura is a relatively young locality with plenty of new buildings and a good mix of local and foreign residents. Although through much of the 20th Century Fgura was mostly rural, it has steadily developed into a busy and residential area with a variety of properties for sale and to let on offer. Fgura has also become a perfect destination for first time buyers to start their lives off where they find excellent quality new builds at reasonable property prices. Apartments prices start at circa €70, 000 for a 2 bedroom flat whereas if you are looking for a 3 bedroom apartment, you will find a selection starting at € 80, 000.

Points of Interest

The small locality of Fgura is very close to some historical and archaeological jewels. For example, the Neolithic inhabitants of Malta, whose megalithic remains have made Malta's name in the archaeological world, have left behind a stone-age temple complex in nearby Tarxien. This complex, the 'Tarxien Temples', is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is easily accessible on foot from adjacent Fgura. The same goes for the Hypogeum, a burial complex dug into the living stone and made to resemble the large temple complexes aboveground.

Culturally, Fgura sits in a rich area, with both the Three Cities and adjacent ┼╗abbar boasting of a strong tradition of religious festivals, or festas. In recent years, such festivals as the Birgufest and the Maritime Senglea International Festival have attracted thousands of new visitors to the area.

For those who prefer beautiful views, winding medieval streets, baroque architecture and military heritage, the Three Cities are the place to go. These separate yet intertwined walled towns are just down the hill to Fgura, and have recently enjoyed large investments into their renovation and rehabilitation. A great place to meet friends, go for a drink, or just walk around in, especially around the waterfront running along the shores of the Three cities. This waterfront has breathed a new life in the area, attracting restaurants, a large yacht marina, an open theatre and large numbers of people enjoying the open spaces and beautiful views.

Facilities available

Fgura enjoys a good array of shopping facilities, including a number of supermarkets, pharmacies, clothes and shoe shops, hardware stores, and so on. A small shopping centre is also to be found. The few items, which may be missed in Fgura, are easily found in the next-door town of Paola.

Communal facilities in the locality include a primary school, kindergarten, and a number of daycare centres. Public gardens, playing fields, some sports grounds as well as a cinema are also available in Fgura. The regional public clinic is situated in adjacent Paola, and can cater for most needs.

Fgura Real Estate Market

Over the past few decades Fgura has rapidly developed into an urban centre of its own, and is mostly comprised of modern apartments and maisonettes, as well as semi detached and terraced houses. Renting and purchasing properties in this area is affordable, even more so when one considers that most housing available is quite new. Better property prices and a central location make this area ideal for younger buyers and those with tighter budget constraints. Its small size also means that all amenities are at hand, and buses are frequent and connect residents to the rest of the island. It’s important you ask your local estate agents for the most recent developments available in Fgura.

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