Real Estate in Sliema Property

A Maltese word for peace, the name of Sliema gives this town a good introduction. Certainly things have changed from the day when the name was originally associated with Sliema, but today it remains a prominently important and sought-after hub on Malta. With its ever-changing yet recognisably stable facets, Sliema is a preferred place to live with a number of high yielding opportunities of investment within the Sliema Property real estate market.


The town was originally nothing more than yet another fishing village. It was the colonial period which turned it into a fashionable and chic resort wherein the wealthy families of Valletta, and the south especially, liked to purchase their house by the sea. The result was a string of elegant Victorian houses built by architects of the period who favoured the typical British style of facade, combining the bay window with the traditional wooden balcony and the occasional Art Deco motif.

The British adored Sliema, and those foreigners who lived permanently on Malta preferred to reside there too. The town slowly grew in capacity as buildings increased to the point where a first parish church was constructed - Stella Maris church, today considered the mother parish of town. Several families whose family homes had been destroyed during World War II decided to relocate to Sliema, and thereon the community established itself firmly.

Sliema Properties & Accomodation

The real estate market in this area is considered Malta’s prime area for investment for both locals and expatriates. Over the years, the promenade has been developed into one of the finest skylines in the Mediterranean. These seafront apartments come in most shapes and sizes with varied layouts, the majority of this prime real estate being between two and four bedroom apartments with medium to large sized terraces overlooking the Mediterranean. Looking into the side streets you will find a number of apartment buildings as well as lovely townhouses. These townhouses are impressive houses that go back years, all having 2/3 floors, with high ceilings and back yards. Very hard to find one available – those that are – are set at a premium price. The Sliema area has a huge rental demand since it is a five to ten minute walk or a bus ride to either St. Julian’s or the Sliema Ferries area - where most office space is located. Many expatriates also prefer to be in this area. With no real cost of transport to the place of work, it is an ideal place to live. This demand also encourages rental investors to continue to purchase in this town. There are a number of four star and five star hotels that also accommodate the booming tourism market.

Shopping in Sliema

Today Sliema is a constant hub of activity, constantly on the go. Sandwiched between the equally busy towns of Gzira and St Julian's, it is a hot spot for expatriates, tourists, students and locals alike. The main road around which most activity happens is Tower Road stretches from the Gzira front all the way to St Julian's. Sliema also offers excellent wining and dining options as well as coffee shops and choice shopping opportunities for all. Apart from the small shops along Sliema's Promenade and up along Tower Road, one can find a concentration of high street shops at the “The Plaza Shopping Mall” which is located just off the Ferries and at ”The Point Shopping Mall” that is situated at Tigne Point -the largest shopping centres on the Maltese Islands. The Ferries area is renowned for its café and restaurant culture located just in the middle of all shops. A strip of a couple hundred metres provides a choice of very busy but excellent coffee shops, restaurants and pubs.

Beaches, Play Grounds & Districts

As one walks along the Sliema 'Front' - which is a long and winding coastal promenade overlooking rocky beaches, play grounds and gardens - one can pass by an old fort which has been ably transformed into a restaurant. Further on, one can see a 17th century watch tower for which Tower Road itself is named. There are play grounds practically every 200/300 meters along the promenade ideal for locals and expatriates to take their children out to play. Then there are the tracts of coastal road or districts with very specific names, such as Dragut Point, Font Għadir, Fortina, Għar id-Dud, Qui-Si-Sana, Savoy, The Strand and Tigne. Each district has its own character and characteristics. One will be able to familiarise themselves with the specific places once they settle over in Malta.

Schooling in Sliema

There are a number of nursery options in Sliema within walking distances and kindergartens, junior, middle and senior private schools maybe found located close to the neighbouring towns. It’s important that one looks into the options either before they get to Malta or they may ask for assistance from one of the RE/MAX Sales Associates.

Buying or Renting a proeprty

Deciding to purchase a home in Sliema is a sure-fire guarantee on a good investment, provided that you deal with a professional estate agent. Regardless, living in Sliema is an exceptional experience, whether you buy or rent a property. Owning a rental in Sliema is generally prolific and provides reasonable returns between 4.5% - 6%. One may choose between a seafront apartment in one of the new blocks in town, or Opt to invest further inland and choose a typical Sliema town house with its many quaint and curious characteristics. If you invest in a student pad, you may rent it out to students who flock to Sliema to perfect their English language skills. Whichever way you turn, this busy little town promises a lot, provides a lot and remains one of the preferred towns amongst so many other localities around Malta. We have four offices located strategically around the Sliema area and are able to assist you with any requirement that you may have.