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Many of Malta's localities bear evidence of their origins and history very clearly. Valletta is clearly a product of Malta's baroque and knightly period. Mdina takes one back to the middle ages, when the powers that be transformed it into the city we know today. The town of Fgura reflects the past four or five decades, when it turned from agricultural land to a busy suburb. Pembroke follows this trait, showing a sharp juxtaposition between Malta's British colonial period, when the locality of Pembroke came in existence, and its subsequent transformation into an independent town, as seen in the more recent developments in the area.

Pembroke's history is a relatively recent one, with the first habitations of note being a set of barracks and facilities constructed for officers. These barracks were built in a then isolated area to allow for training. In fact, a shooting range still exists in the vicinity, as do several other communal buildings related to training, education and entertainment of soldiers and staff.

Most of these buildings are today still in use, with many having been transformed into residences. To the south and east, a small residential area has sprung up, with large terraced houses and some more recent apartments dominating the scene.

Pembroke, with its legacy of military structures, boasts today of a large number of schools and sports infrastructure, quite a few of which started off in one of the pre-existing facilities. That said, many schools and sport organisations have today expanded their premises into larger and better suited buildings.

Amenities & Facilities

While Pembroke itself is mainly residential and does not enjoy many shopping amenities, this is easily remedied by a quick trip to the town of Swieqi or down to St. Julian's, both of which are adjacent to the residential areas in Pembroke.

When it comes to schools and sport facilities there is no lack of them in Pembroke, as already mentioned. Schools in Pembroke include private (including Verdala International School, St. Catherines), sought-after institutions as well as public schools. Many athletic minded people from around the island regularly visit Pembroke, for the largest concentration of sports facilities to be found anywhere in the islands are located here.

Sport facilities usually belong to different sports clubs who allow users in for a small fee, although some places are open to the public. Facilities include football fields and pitches, basketball courts, archery ranges, bmx trails, tennis courts, athletic tracks, martial arts clubs, and more. One of the larger football grounds, the Luxol stadium, is also occasionally used as a concert venue. It is, however, distant from the residential areas, and therefore any events taking place do not disturb residents.

Pembroke has become an excellent residential area to live. It also has its own pharmacies as well as corner grocery shops to cater for the demand of its residents.

Natural outlook

Pembroke also enjoys a relatively undeveloped coastline which, with its jaggedly rocky nature entices many visitors and serve as a peaceful backdrop for many locals taking a long walk. The recently refurbished trails also lead to the historical Madliena watchtower.

Real Estate Profile

From a home for the Royal Airforce to an upmarket area, some homes in the Town of Pembroke enjoy excellent views of the coast. If you drive into the town, you will also notice the beautiful childrens park, which is often frequented by the neighbourhood kids. A low density area with plenty of fresh air, Pembroke is closely connected to the rest of the island, with a public transport hub servicing it and Swieqi, both north towards St. Paul's Bay and south towards St. Julian's and the centre.

The locality boasts of a high status, to which Pembroke's active local council also contributes. This promises plenty of interesting investment opportunities of high quality which are on demand. Terraced houses, villas and maisonettes are the main property types found in this location.

The rental market in Pembroke is also bouyant, with a selection of maisonettes, terraced houses, flatlets and Villas available to let. Being a stones throw away from St. Georges Bay and Pender Gardens Business Centre it attracts an enourmous amount of executives and staff that work within one of the key industries that are based in the office blocks located in st. Julian’s.

Being close to the centre means that commuting is very easy, and properties are thus also very easily rented out.

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