Guide: Real Estate in Msida

The town of Msida is literally a harbour town which originally started off as a tiny fishing village and morphed into a busy location enjoying an arterial connection between the main towns of this part of the island and beyond. Thanks to land reclamation and continuous projects to improve the area, today it is pretty busy and populated. Msida has a unique character that speaks of active lifestyles and possibilities.

Star Attractions

The centre of attraction is definitely Msida's large and expansive Yacht Marina nestled in Marsamxett Harbour. The marina is busy all year round and its regular occupants tend to patronize local coffee shops and restaurants located around the coastline.

The hub of Msida is looked over by the local parish church dedicated to St Joseph. The church with its ample facade is always exceptionally well-decorated and lit up for the annual 'festa' in July.

Key buildings in the area include the Junior College for under-graduates, the University of Malta for post-graduate education, and Mater Dei Hospital which is the national state-run hospital. The urban localities of Swatar and Tal-Qroqq also form part of Msida.

Valley Road which links Msida to Birkirkara is a long avenue of trees, literally a road in a valley where one can find a considerable number of major brands occupying showrooms selling furniture, cars, boats, and more.

Real Estate Market

Msida properties tend to be considered as the ideal investment for a number of reasons. First of all the town is mid-way between Valletta and Sliema as well as mid-way between Valletta and Birkirkara. Major bus routes pass through Msida, making it convenient for commuting also to the far ends of the island. The hub of Msida is close to the Junior College and the University of Malta campus, thereby attracting students en masse. Many Gozitans and Foreigners either purchase or rent in Msida so they maybe within walking distance to the University campus making Msida a great area for rental investment.

Msida enjoys a capacious marina which attracts huge numbers of visitors per year. These bring the marine trade into perspective as well as enticing locals to enjoy the lovely promenade afforded around the harbour area.

Deciding to reside in Msida may be convenient to minimize commuting time whether one works in Valletta or Sliema, is an academic, or a health professional training or working at Mater Dei. Deciding to invest in an Msida property can prove lucrative since students, lecturers, health workers and marina workers tend to look to this town with interest. Students tend to favour apartment sharing whilst foreign workers who travel to Malta with their families will look towards the Swatar area and Msida outskirts for quiet residential areas full of family homes.

One-bedroom apartments start at €80,000 whereas one would expect to pay for a two and three-bedroom apartment a minimum of €115, 000 and €135,000 respectively.