Malta’s Trendiest Real Estate Locations

Malta is well appreciated for the number of trendy home locations that are to be found dotted around the island. They are each trendy for different reasons, since people are so different and their tastes and individual preferences likewise. The diversity of such locations has ensured that they have all become popular and much sought-after for different reasons. Property in these locations promises effective investment and re-sale potential to locals and foreigners alike. Here is a carousel of a smattering of properties or locations which you may like to consider for your next purchase of real estate in Malta.

Currently the most popular area for trendy living is Sliema, and one top-notch seller here is Tigné Point. A lifestyle development, it has welcomed new construction to the area whilst upgrading and restoring key historic sites within its perimeters. The focus is on elegant living with shopping proximity and a host of facilities to complement each property. Such facilities include office space, parking space, coffee shops, wining and dining opportunities, sports facilities and an active social area surrounding the shopping hotspots within The Point Shopping Mall.

Close by in Sliema, one can find another new development – the Fort Cambridge apartments. Again in Sliema, and again located on a part of Sliema which directly overlooks the harbour and the city of Valletta beyond, Fort Cambridge includes luxury apartments in different bedroom capacity, from one-bed to four-bed space. Townhouse

Still in Sliema but deeper within the urban network, you may find a townhouse with full amenities and the classic setting of one of the older streets of this town. Some of the more elegant streets carry English-sounding names that set the style for easy living.

If you love the sea and don’t fancy a Sliema apartment, why not head to the other end of the island and slot yourself in Mellieha? This seaside town has all things necessary with a wide variety of properties available, ranging from small luxury apartments to detached villas with pool.

If you prefer village life, one of the most elegant villages takes you to central Malta. Consider Lija, with its quaint and reserved qualities. A townhouse in this location can promise a step back in time, with fully fledged period qualities that include massive front doorways, large back gardens, and a range of high ceilinged rooms in between.

A neighbour to Lija, yet on a larger scale, could be the town of Attard. This town is rendered even more distinct due to the presence of the President’s Palace and San Anton Gardens within it. Once again, you may opt for an elegant period house vs a typical 1970’s two storey villa sprawl, complete with pool.

If you’re a city person, you may decide you want to live in Valletta. Here you can only go back in time, since no new buildings are to be found within or around the capital. Opt for a fifth floor apartment that gives you breathtaking views of the sea-line, or alternatively purchase a dilapidated palazzo and restore it to the affluent character it enjoyed in the times of the Knights.

If you love the look of Valletta but don’t want to live in it, the next best option is living in any one of The Three Cities which look across at Valletta over the stretch of dividing sea. Whether you pick Vittoriosa, Senglea or the up & coming Cospicua, you will find property steeped in an ambience that encapsulates all that is Maltese.

An alternative city but of a totally different character is Mdina. Here, most buildings are even older than the ones in Valletta or The Three Cities. And whilst you maintain the silence, you can sift back through history and decide what bohemian style you fancy yourself living in. House fronts are not always a direct indication of what you will find inside, and many of the really old buildings have interesting stories linked to them. Properties on sale in Mdina are extremely few and far between, so you will need the assistance of very good real estate agents in Malta to help you find something suitable.

Valletta– Rural living means you could opt for a country village and one of its older townhouses or farmhouses. Some of the more popular smaller villages include Qrendi, Safi, Ghaxaq, Bidnija, Bahrija.

In the end, you will decide for the place and property which speaks to you and allows you to listen to it. Enjoy the hunt and enjoy the relocation. You will probably decide to stay long.