Relocating to Malta and being in safe hands

From the Letting Specialists

Relocating to any new country can be a difficult decision to make, and there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration especially when one has a family to support, whether they will be located back in their country of origin, or if they are accompanying one on the journey. Most Relocating to Maltaexpatriates move to another country for a new opportunity eg; better position within an organisation, higher income, relocating an entire business, tax benefits, retirement and so on.

Through our experience in the letting industry we have dealt with all sorts of different clients and situations. These have included individuals looking for a new experience in a new country, engineers working with major corporations on projects in Malta, General Managers, Chief Executive Officers, workers, businessmen in all sectors, project managers, crew working in the film industry, actors, captains of yachts and many other people from all walks of life.

In all these examples each and every individual mentioned has one thing in common; their accommodation, the property where they will live, is the most important decision and the first big decision they will make when they get to a new country.

Clients, whether they are looking for luxury, standard amenities, a balcony, a parking space, air-conditioning or two or three bedrooms, will also have a picture in their heads or a wish list of Moving to Maltawhat they would like to have and in what surroundings they would like to live in. We take every request seriously and understand that sometimes one's expectations are not always met immediately and this is why we take time to plan our appointments and make sure that our clients have a clear indication of what is available within their budget.

The selection process of properties is taken very carefully from our database. We ensure that we select a variety of available properties within the requirements and within a diverse price bracket. The prices quoted are always the asking price and it is common that property owners are willing to negotiate their rental price depending on the letting period, the amount of people that will stay in the property, payment terms and market conditions. We guide you fully through this process to ensure you achieve a fair price.

We make property owners aware that they need to adapt to market conditions and be fairly flexible and understanding that clients have different requirements. A perfect client does not have to be a couple without kids ready to pay them three months in advance. Over the years, we have built a solid reputation with property owners by being honest and professional throughout every transaction and therefore property owners trust our judgement when we recommend clients as potential tenants.

The average letting term is approximately one year and the rent is usually paid on a monthly basis although it is also common for property owners to ask for payments to be made two months or even three months in advance. We will always inform you on these occasions.

It is to our advantage, and yours, that we have specialised in letting for over six years. Although we have recently branched out into property sales, we can still boast that we have the largest database of properties available on the market. To ensure the best and most efficient service toRelocating to Malta our clients we have kept our sales and letting departments separate and both departments have a dedicated manager and a highly qualified team of professionals. Training and providing associates a better quality of life, is what RE/MAX is all about. By insisting on this, our clients benefit from a more efficient and specialized service.

The Letting Manager qualifies every relocation client and accordingly briefs a letting associate who will be handling the viewings of the properties. Every request is brainstormed and discussed to make sure that every property suitable for that client is shown. The Letting manager is fully involved in every transaction made to ensure that the end product is delivered professionally.

We take our business seriously and can assure clients that they are in safe hands when they deal with us. Whether it is a residential or a commercial request, we take pride in delivering the quality service that we are renowned for.