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Siggiewi is a very old Maltese village immersed in a rural setting and for centuries the livelihood of its inhabitants was strictly linked to farming. Whilst today the tradition of toiling in the fields has somewhat diminished, the village still remains synonymous with country living.

Located very close to the old city of Mdina, this village sits propped some 117 metres above sea level. This makes its vantage point one which allows properties in and around it to enjoy lovely views of the rest of the Maltese landscape.

Living in the Countryside

Being somewhat cut off from the rest of the inhabited towns and villages this side of Malta, Siggiewi has always enjoyed a unique character of its own. The village is typified by several winding alleyways and narrow streets, in which one finds all manner of traditional architectural features including street corner niches, tiny chapels, old-fashioned village house facades, pregnant windows, wooden balconies, crumbling edifices as well as newly restored buildings and, surprisingly enough, modern apartment blocks located mostly on the village outskirts.

Places of Note

Siggiewi's central characteristic is its huge pjazza or square, over which towers the magnificent parish church dedicated to the patron saint St Nicholas of Bari. Close by one can visit a heritage site where one finds the ruins of the old parish church, located on an archaeological site. Siggiewi is where one finds innumerable old chapels of particular interest and with strong archaeological, historic and artistic characteristics.

Siggiewi is known for the Dar tal-Providenza, a specialised home for persons with disabilities.

Within the environs of Siggiewi, one finds several unique countryside locations of particular interest, such as Girgenti. This is where one finds the Girgenti Palace alias the Inquisitor's Palace, which was constructed in 1625 by the Inquisitor Visconti. Today the building serves as the residence of the Prime Ministers of Malta.

Another picturesque location is Ghar Lapsi, a rocky seaside inlet appreciated for its crystal clear waters, its lovely coastline walk and the possibility of rambling beyond the boat houses and parking area.

Other popular locations are Ta' Kandja, Fawwara, ta' l-Gholja, and a number of valley areas.

Of great interest is The Limestone Heritage Park and Gardens which draws on Malta and Siggiewi's long tradition of quarrying globigerina limestone for the country's construction purposes, and presents the experience within an attractive venue.

Shopping, Schooling

The Town has ample mini-stores that offer amenities but also has a couple of good sized super markets that offer everything under the sun. St. Ignatious Primary School offers education from Kinder 1 all the way up to Year 5.

Property in Siggiewi

Siggiewi offers a wide assortment of different property types both within the village core and dotted around the wider surrounding limits. From village town houses or character homes still in their original un-restored condition to recently built modern apartments. The Siggiewi property market has plenty to offer to those individuals looking to live in this quaint village.

Some character homes have already been transformed to retain traditional characteristics whilst being commensurate with modern living requirements.

Further afield one may also appreciate newly constructed apartment blocks and penthouses, the latter offering incredible views of countryside and sea horizon beyond. Large farmhouses cuddled in the depths of the surrounding rural areas can be best appreciated with the assistance of seasoned real estate experts who can source the most likely properties, whether ready to move in or just waiting for timely restorations.

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