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One of The Three Villages of central Malta, Lija or Hal-Lija is cosily nestled next to the busier and larger towns of Balzan and Attard, and completes the trio of beautiful old locations in this part of the island. Quite upmarket and endowed with a quiet atmosphere and serene surroundings, Lija indeed has a long history that goes back to ancient history.

The real estate market is one that is very sought after owing to the fact that once you own a property in Lija, the likeliness that you will ever sell or move out is practically nil, unless of course, you find another home in the area. This makes the supply of property at a very minimum that also keeps prices at stable growth.

If you drive through Lija you will notice that it is very well kept and though it is a quiet town it is ever so close to all amenities including the University of Malta, Mater Dei General Hospital and plenty of shopping opportunities. The town is located practically a ten minutes drive to Sliema, the Malta International Airport in Luqa and less than that to get to San Anton Palace.

Places/Events of Interest

The parish church dates back to 1694 and should be visited if only to view the beautifully suggestive ceiling paintings by Giuseppe Cali. Viewing the church during the festa period in early August, allows an appreciation of the village church decor as well an enjoyment of the local fireworks for which Lija is well known.

Located to the right of the parish church, one can see Villa Gourgion Depiro, an old and imposing house which is historically important since the 1921 Constitution of Malta was drafted therein.

At the entrance of the locality, upon leaving the busy road that leads on to Mosta, one sees the Belveder or as it is locally known, ' It-Torri' (the tower). This extraordinary construction is a landmark and point of reference, which originally used to form part of the Villa Gourgion garden.

Lija is known for its old palazzos all of which, from time immemorial, have enjoyed large and luscious gardens brimming with citrus fruits - oranges, lemons and mandarins of superior deliciousness. Lija incidentally celebrates the Citrus Festival in January.

Little roads and alleyways of noble houses allow one to take several pictures, or make artistic sketches of this typically upmarket Maltese village. It is interesting to note that the large University Residence of the University of Malta is located in Lija and welcomes hundreds of international students each year.

Shopping/ Bars/ Restaurants

Lija is not of any shopping importance but its close proximity to the busy towns of Birkirkara, Naxxar and Mosta means it is only a few kilometres away from it all. A few quiet coffee shops or restaurants may be located at its extremities.

Real Estate Market

Lija's real estate market rests on the fact that it is an urban conservation area. All old houses, villas and palazzos have to maintain their typical characteristics intact. New buildings or developments within Lija have to respect this and key features of facades include wrought iron balconies, railings or window embellishments, traditional carved stonework and typical wooden balconies. This is the place to find the traditional gentleman's residence, endowed with garden, and several beautifully traditional features.

Though limited, Lija still has some apartments and maisonettes for sale. A one bedroom apartment or maisonette would start at around about € 110, 000, a two bedroom at €130, 000 and a three bedroom apartment at € 150, 000. Townhouses fetch anywhere between €185, 000 and may be found depending of course on the land and space at over the one euro million mark. Palazzos run at over €1.5 million where if there is available on the market, a Palazzino may be found at circa €700, 000. The prices of houses of character vary whereas Villas start at just over €450, 000 and Bungalows may fetch for circa €750,000.

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