Property in Gharghur

With a population of circa 2,600 and covering an area of circa 2km², Għargħur is easily one of the smallest villages in Malta. Found on a hilltop, this rural village is found between two high-demand areas – Naxxar and Madliena – with lots of agricultural land. It is well-known amongt locals for the peace and quiet it offers its residents. The area is more densely populated near the village core, which includes the well-known Church and surrounding square.

The coat of arms for Għargħur is a silver shield, with a red triangle and a red star on top. The motto “Excelsior” translates to “the Highest” – which reaffirms the fact that Għargħur is one of the highest villages in Malta.

One of the highlights of the year include the village feast which is celebrated on the 24th August or last Sunday of the month. Several locals attend the feast where the statue of the saint is carried along the streets of Għargħur. The feast includes music from local bands and several fireworks are let off during the festival. Quite a few tourists visiting the island also join in the celebrations by visiting the church and viewing the famous fireworks display.