Property in Balzan

Balzan, located in the heart of Malta, is one of the old central towns, which comprise also Attard and Lija, all of which are closely knit in this zone of the island. Known as Hal Balzan, the town which was pre-dated by a small concentration of dwellings, originated in the 16th century and was named after a merchant who was granted a sizeable stretch of land by the Knights of the Order of St John.

The town began flourishing in earnest in the 17th century when it grew to a capacity that allowed it to become a parish. Today, it enjoys a community of some 3900 people. The town of Balzan is the proud bearer of an ancient motto which in Latin reads ‘Hortibus undique sept'. This phrase literally translates into 'surrounded by gardens' and in fact, the town is still rich in private gardens and orchards full of oranges and varied other ages-old citrus trees.

Location and Properties for sale

In the small town, key points of interest are mainly those in connection with its architectural inheritance. In fact, the town enjoys a bevy of very old houses, with features that are straight out of history books. Walk with your nose in the air & observe the great number of statues and niches on facades and street corners - all worthy of being photographed.

The town's parish church celebrates the feast of Our Lady of Annunciation during July and the building itself is one of the key attractions of this town. It includes a belfry that is home to six bells produced by the French bell foundry Paccard but also houses several major works of art within. Apart from the parish church there are five smaller churches to visit in town.

Another interesting edifice is an old historic building standing on Three Churches Street, in which Vincenzo Bosio, an eminent officer of the Knights of St. John, used to live.

Balzan is also known for the presence of the aqueduct, part of which remains intact within the town. The aqueduct constructed in 1610 by Grand Master Wignacourt was of fundamental importance as a structure and as a precious utility since it transported rainwater from the high grounds of Rabat, all the way down to the new city of Valletta. Thus the historical importance of each part of the remaining structure is of tangible relevance.

Places of Interest

The town is not particularly known for its shopping potential although all amenities are found within it, including banks, post office, supermarkets and a handful of boutiques. A good selection of cafeterias, pubs, wine bars and small restaurants can be enjoyed however, with many of these eateries being located in cosy side streets.

Shopping, Bars ad Restaurants

Attard is typically residential and not known for its shopping potential. People living in Attard will find all their day-to-day needs met in the varied small shops around the town including supermarkets and a shopping complex. Coffee shops are few and elite. Most of the town people's shopping is done in nearby Birkirkara which is a shopping centre par excellence.

Real Estate Market

Balzan boasts all kinds of properties, ranging from the very old, and traditional townhouses in the very hub, some of which are double fronted and close to being considered as Palazzos; straight to the very modern and contemporarily constructed apartments and penthouses located on the outskirts of town and along the borders with adjoining and neighbouring towns such as Birkirkara. Being a high-end property location, real estate in and around Balzan tends to be somewhat pricier and of a higher quality than other places around Malta.