Buyer Match - Get Automatic Property Updates

The Automatic Buyer match is intelligent software that is continuously searching for property that falls within your search criteria. By filling the below form, you will mark exactly what you are looking for and will only receive emails of properties in two particular cases:

  • - If a home has been reduced in price and has, at the time, reached your suggested budget
  • - When a new property has been placed on the market that falls within your criteria.


You may choose to be contacted by one of our associates or you may also choose just to receive email and contact us when you feel the time is right.

The major benefit of the automatic buyer match is that in such a real estate climate where the Malta real estate market is facing a buyer's market you will be the first to know when the property of your dreams has come available on the market. This system is also ideal for individuals that are looking to purchase in the medium to long term future because you will only receive emails when you want to as well as have your own profile where you can mark your favourite properties, remove properties that may not interest you and write important notes on properties that you might want to remember. You may also share your properties either privately to your spouse or publicly through all social media channels as well as through email.

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