Tips for furnishing a maltese townhouse

Close to town centres and built for comfort, Maltese townhouses are dripping with traditional charm and beautiful architectural features, both inside and out. Making your townhouse feel like a home can be a challenge, but the end result makes it all worthwhile. If you are buying townhouse, these tips could help you create your perfect space.

Embrace the quirks

From unusual room layouts to uneven walls, some Maltese properties can be a nightmare for those who love clean lines and symmetry. But these quirks needn’t be a drawback. With some out-of-the-box thinking, these characteristics can be used in ways that work.

Transform an oddly-shaped corner into bespoke storage or make a statement by emphasising (rather than hiding) original features through the use of spotlighting. The idiosyncrasies of older homes are what make them special, and working with rather than against them can make a space exceptional.

Consider custom-made

Those quirks we mentioned can create a real problem when it comes to finding furniture that fits. Walls that are not level can make hanging items difficult, and tight corners can shrink the useable space in a room. However, one way to overcome this issue is to consider bespoke furniture or decoration.

This made-to-measure option will almost certainly cost more than the standard, ready-made variety but it could completely transform a space. What’s more, furniture, cabinets and shelving that are made for specific, awkward spaces will no doubt add value to your property – any subsequent owners will thank you for making all the available space useable.

Consult a carpenter or metal worker to find out what can realistically be done with a space and to get an indication of how much it will cost. Share your ideas, no matter how vague or rough, with them and they will be happy to guide you from there.

Make a statement

Limestone walls, tiled floors, big windows – most townhouses in Malta have one or more of these typical characteristics. If you want your space to stand out, consider playing with these elements when designing the interiors.

Laminate or parquet flooring can take a room from rustic Mediterranean to chic Scandi style, and it also offers some degree of extra insulation, making it perfect for bedrooms and living rooms.

If your home has rough limestone walls, plastering one or more could help to level uneven surfaces and provides a clean slate for a feature wall. A gypsum wall can also hide untidy electrical and plumbing connections, without the need for cutting into stone.

When it comes to light, townhouses in heavily built-up areas often don’t get enough sunlight, despite the large windows that would have done in job in days gone by. Skylights can introduce natural light and installing one over a courtyard could also increase the internal living space.

Striking a balance

Many new homeowners feel they need to either fully embrace a townhouse’s traditional features or completely overhaul it with modern finishings. The truth is that older homes lack some modern conveniences and newer properties risk feeling soulless and clinical.

The answer is to combine the best of both worlds in a way that does not detract from the overall design by utilising the desirable characteristics built into the house already. When a house has good bones, owners have the opportunity to get creative with how to use the space available.

Modern materials can create an attractive contrast with organic, natural ones such as the limestone walls and traditional tiled floors. Thick walls make for excellent insulation so it makes sense to retain as many of these as possible in exposed areas of the house, which cuts down on construction costs and long-term utilities spending. It’s time to get creative!

Townhouses are an extremely desirable type of property, especially for those who love a renovation challenge. Understanding the limitations and potential of a townhouse before you buy it will help make the process of decorating it much more straightforward.

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