RE/MAX Brand is #1 in Malta in all categories

For the second year running, RE/MAX MALTA has been highlighted as Malta’s number one real estate company in an independent brand survey.

RE/MAX MALTA has been officially recognised as the leading real estate company in Malta for the second year in a row.

The real estate giant scored top – and in most cases improved its position even further – across a number of related categories in an independent brand survey carried out at the end of 2019. The survey asked the general public to rate the service and offer their feedback on their experience and key influencers in order to create a holistic overview of the market.

Commissioned by leading research firm and Business Leaders subsidiary Esprimi, the Insight Omnibus Survey aimed to methodically offer a true representation of the Maltese population across 500 respondents, who contributed their honest views on the local real estate market.

The survey’s respondents offered ratings across categories outlining agency reliability, the agency that first comes to mind, pricing, brand reputation, honesty and fairness, customer service, property range, knowledge, experience, understanding of clients’ needs, communication, after-sales service, approachability and professionalism.

Despite operating in the local real estate market for just 15 years, RE/MAX MALTA was once again shown in the survey to have maintained the best brand reputation in the country, with a rating a huge 21.8 per cent higher than the next-best agency. It also pipped the top spot in the category rating the agency with the best knowledge and experience of the market.

Meanwhile, an incredible 67.4 per cent of the population said the first real estate agency that comes to mind is still RE/MAX MALTA – 2.8 per cent more than the previous year’s score of 64.6 per cent.

Customers also acknowledged that RE/MAX MALTA offers the widest range of properties and represents the most competitive prices on the market, with the real estate giant outranking the competition by a massive 47.2 and 31.2 per cent respectively across these categories.

The population looks to RE/MAX MALTA to assist them in the local real estate market Although Malta has, in recent years, enjoyed one of the strongest real estate markets – and economies – in Europe, the victories shown throughout the survey results reflect the Remax Malta team’s resilience, determination and professionalism throughout the challenges of 2019 as the market stabilised and the local office underwent major restructuring.

In fact, the team’s ongoing input and dedication as ambassadors of the Remax brand were particularly highlighted by customers in the survey. The team again took the top spot across related categories, being recognised as the most reliable, most fair and honest, the company with the best understanding of customers, and the company that provided the best customer service in Malta. So dominant is RE/MAX MALTA in these areas, that the team scored 15.9 per cent, 16.6 per cent, 21.6 per cent and 17.8 per cent more than the next competitor in these categories respectively.

Agents at RE/MAX MALTA were also named by customers in the survey as the most professionally trained, with a lead of 14.3 per cent over the next best in the category. The survey results conclude, for the second year in a row, that Remax Maltacontinues to pioneer the local real estate market, with customers recognising that the company is the first choice when considering buying, selling or renting a property.

With that in mind, the RE/MAX MALTA team has renewed its commitment to continued improvement in the new decade, as Remax Malta co-founder Jeff Buttigieg said: “At Remax Malta, our vision has always been to change the way real estate is sold in Malta and, throughout this decade, we have undoubtedly achieved this.”

He added: “These survey results speak for themselves: the population looks to Remax to assist them in the local real estate market. This encourages us to continue to be innovative, to develop the customer service charter, to make the technology we provide even better, to create a new and improved training platform, and to undertake more brand initiatives.

“As Malta’s real estate market changes, so will we, providing our agents with the tools and mentorship to adapt to change, and our customers with the best service on the island.”

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