Villas for sale in Malta


The term “Villa” was originally used to describe an upper-class country house by the Romans. However, those days are long gone and today’s villa’s have changed and evolved considerably. Today, the term “Villa” may refer to various types of residences – the most common being Fully Detached and Semi Detached. In Malta, regulations are set for houses that qualify as a Villa, requiring them to have at least 60% outdoor space and the other 40% built-up – however these figures vary depending on the locality.

A large percentage of Villas today are now equipped with lovely large pools with surrounding deck area and a barbeque area. These features contribute to their increasing popularity in the short term rentals market. Aside from this, Villas can easily accommodate large group and, regardless of whether they are Semi Detached or Fully Detached, they offer their residents complete privacy. The prices of Maltese Villas vary considerably, depending on their location, size, and features. Nevertheless, Villa’s remain a popular option for those looking to buy property in Malta – even more so for those looking to upgrade.



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