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Welcome to the web page that will provide you everything you need to know regarding the intricacies, the procedures as well as the pitfalls that you may come across when gearing up to rent a property in Malta or Gozo. There is no other resource available that will provide you with extensive knowledge where you find useful tips, learn to appreciate the market and make an informed decision about your rental property.

Letting Market

The letting market in Malta is one that is buoyant, fast-pacing and may be described as a rat-race which you will discover to be more evident if you are searching for a property to let in the main sea-side coastal towns of the Sliema & St. Julian’s and surrounding areas. Properties are often rented back to back or within a twenty-four-hour time span from when they become available.

The rental markets in the Central, North, South and Gozo areas are not as fast-moving and prices to let are generally cheaper, however with prestigious commercial and residential developments such as SmartCity Malta and that of the Ta’ Monita lifestyle development to mention a couple that are situated in the South, and other prospective developments in the North area and Gozo coming on-line in the near future these embellishments are starting to attract more expatriates.

Residential Rental Property

The Sliema, St. Julian’s and Surrounding area stretches from Swatar, Msida - where the University of Malta is located - through to the coastal cities of Gzira, Sliema and further north-east bound to St. Julian’s, Pembroke which also includes in-land towns such as Sweiqi, Ta’lIbrag, High Ridge, Madliena, Gharghur and Bahar Ic-Caghaq.

The mentioned towns account for over 8000 or 50% of the residential rental properties. The selection of homes comprises of mainly apartments and maisonettes, terraced houses, town houses, villas and bungalows. Many come fully complete with all mod cons, gadgets, swimming pool, garden and are close to all amenities. The finishes vary and so do the styles and standard of furniture which are all factors that are dependent on your end budget.

Owing to a robust infrastructure that allows for foreign companies and individuals to take advantage of fiscal benefits, the Maltese Islands have attracted several Industries, highly qualified persons and high net worth individuals to set up their bases in Malta.

Letting of Commercial Office Space

This ongoing investment and attractiveness of setting up a business on our Islands, has led to the development of over nine hundred unique office spaces (ranging from 50 square metres to 8000 square metres) in the Sliema, St. Julian’s and surrounding areas. Better known as the main entertainment and business district of Malta it is home to over 80% of the expatriate working population and a strong percentage of the local work force.

Cosmopolitan Malta

Naturally, over the last three decades, this area has been transformed into a cosmopolitan town and now not only caters for the growth of expatriates in terms of accommodation and office requirements but also complements their needs with a striving café culture, shopping malls, an array of eateries, cinemas, clubs, seaside beaches, resorts and hundreds of guest houses, holiday rental properties, as well as three, four and five star hotels, not to mention the residential rental properties available to let a home for a long term. An increased demand of up-market properties, commercial office space and condominium lifestyle developments has also resulted in the standard of rental homes in Malta as well as the letting prices to increase at a steady pace.

Residential Rental Prices: Sliema, St. Julian’s and Surroundings

1 bedroom Apartment

€ 650 - € 2500 /Month

2 bedroom Apartment

€ 750 - € 3500 /Month

3 bedroom Apartment

€ 850 - € 10, 000 /Month

The vast range of prices provide an indication of what you will need to spend in the Sliema, St. Julian’s and surrounding areas for a rental apartment. The price range in each row has been placed to suggest that the lowest price range would fetch you a standard rental apartment whereas the highest price range will acquire you a top of the range up-market rental apartment on the sea front or within a Special Designated Area. For clarity sake, we have provided in the above table the lowest and the approximate highest prices on the market, which does not necessarily mean that aiming somewhere in between will not find you an excellent home.

Procedure to Renting a Home

The procedure to renting property in Malta is fairly simple and straightforward. During an initial meeting, our letting associate will ask you for your requirements on the property you are looking for, offering guidance and advice wherever required. Once we have your criteria in hand, we will suggest a few properties that are suitable and schedule the viewings accordingly. Your letting associate will take you to and from the viewing in order to discuss your requirements better.

Once you have chosen a property, we will negotiate a rental price with the landlord, always working for a win-win outcome between the landlord and tenant. The letting contract is then drafted up by your letting associate, ensuring that any specific terms – by either landlord or tenant – are included to safeguard both parties. Upon signing of contract, our standard procedure is to collect one month’s deposit, one month in advance, and another half month’s rent as the agency fee, however this is subject to change at the owners discretion. Where the total duration of the lease is less than six month, you may expect to pay a slight premium on the long term rental price, whereas our agency fee is that of 10% of the total amount.

Our service towards both the tenant and the landlord don’t end there. Our associates are trained to assist you throughout the term of your contract, ensuring that your stay is as pleasant and as smooth as possible. To this effect, we offer a complete concierge service to all our clients, including assistance with installation of internet, telephone, or television services, insurance, property management, maid services, maintenance, and several other services requested by the client.

Office Space/ Commercial Rentals

Our experienced team of Letting Associates include a number who work primarily on Commercial property. These associates are more than able to assist you with your search for office space in Malta. Our database of office space ranges from the modest managed office space to offices ideal for small, medium or large businesses. Today’s standard finish include all amenities, whilst the higher-end office spaces boast of state of the art technology. If you are a local or foreign business owner relocating to Malta or established in Malta already and are looking to rent or let an office, our associates will happily guide you through the whole process.

Ideal locations for Renting a Property

In Malta – there is a wide selection of rental properties that will suit your budget and criteria. Pricing ultimately depends on the location that you are searching. According to our statistics one and two bedroom apartments are the most popular due to the strong demand from singles or couples looking for a single family home. These apartments are like gold dust and are snatched up even prior to the ending of the previous tenancy. Three and four bedrooms apartments are also in high demand. The target group that usually selects these apartments are families, however we also find groups of two or three single persons joining up to avail themselves to more space and better amenities.

The demand for apartments and penthouses has grown proportionately to cater for the influx of staff and executives of companies relocating to Malta on work assignment.

One will find apartments and penthouses located right on the seafront, within luxury seaside communal developments as well as apartments within walking distance of the Mediterranean Sea and local beaches.

The most sought after areas for rentals are where most commercial office space, retail shopping areas, beaches, catering establishments, hotels and bars are located are in the Sliema, St Julian’s, Gzira, Msida and close by surrounding localities.

Luxury villas with pool, terraced houses and townhouses may also be found nearby whereas, if you prefer to be off the beaten track you may discover houses of characters and farmhouses within 20 minutes from the main centre.

Other areas that we specialise in include Central, South and in the North parts of the Islands where we have associates to cater for every need of our client.

We encourage that you view our rental listings on this website and whilst browsing we suggest you write notes, click on your favourites so that you may get a grasp of the market, read our blog articles and jot down any questions that may cross your mind.

Our letting associates are literally trained professionals, all being obliged to follow our education programme through the RE/MAX Real Estate Academy. Each associate has his/her specialty or niche market and thus we are positive that we have the resources as well as the database to assist you in locating your home away from home in Malta or Gozo.