Re/Max launches Career Development Model

IF YOU aspire for a career in real estate, then Re/Max Europe, jointly with Malta and other European regions, is investing in the future of all real estate agents with the launch of the ‘Career Development Model’.

This innovative industry-leading programme, which was presented for the first time in our country between Wednesday 28th September to Saturday October 1st, is a comprehensive line-up of information and training aimed at both the real estate agent that is totally new to the business, as well as the experienced agent seeking to enhance and improve on skills and knowledge.

The Career Development Model is the first real estate specific training created and developed for a European Network of Real Estate Agents and has been designed to set standards in the Industry and to build careers for real estate agents. RE/MAX has long had a reputation for quality consumer orientated service delivered by professionals. The Course will be implemented throughout the Re/Max system in Europe country by country including Malta.

Regional director for Re/Max Malta, Kevin Buttigieg told The Sunday Times that the Re/Max opportunity was like no other. It offered the best of both worlds, “being in a business of your own but not by yourself”.

“Our Associates, as they are more commonly referred to within Re/Max, have the support of a proven system that will help them establish a market presence by providing all the advantages of being part of the world’s most successful real estate business. They are given the freedom to work as well as the tools, including training programs and various other marketing ideas to help build their own business,” Mr. Buttigieg said.

Re/Max Malta is growing steadily and a permanent office was recently opened in Gozo, located at 11, Independence Square, Victoria. The office is an old town house which has been expertly converted and refurbished in this very active square.

In addition to the ‘Career Development Model’ Re/Max Malta will be launching a special introductory program dubbed ‘60 minutes with Re/Max”.
This event is being held at the Westin Dragonara Resort, St Julian’s, on Thursday 29th between 6.30pm and 8p.m. It is a means to introduce all potential as well as established Real Estate Agents to the Re/Max system, outlining what the company is all about, its history, but also how the company operates and what has contributed to its huge worldwide success. This is an exercise that Re/Max Malta is offering to the people in general but particularly to those agents aspiring to improve their career in the industry by becoming Re/Max Associates.

Conducting the training will be Mr. Jim Van Horn, who together with Mr. Gary Schnarr (Director of Business Development for Re/Max Europe) developed this program baptised the ‘Career Development Model’.

Gary Schnarr, also Vice President of Re/Max Ontario Atlantic Canada Inc., has had a brilliant career and his successes have taken him from an award-winning salesperson to a successful broker and Chief Operating Officer for a six-office, 325-salesperson franchise in Canada. During his presidency of the Canadian Real Estate Association, Mr. Schnarr was instrumental in the creation of MLS.CA (Multi-Listing System), the introduction of buyer agency to Canada, and the implementation of significant fundamental governance changes to the Canadian Real Estate Association. He is currently responsible for the continued growth and development of all Re/Max regions and franchises in Europe.

“The Career development Model will indeed help office owners around Europe improve their businesses but most importantly the end user, our consumer, will be benefiting from a more superior service from RE/MAX associates around Europe...Our goal is to update these programmes continuously to keep up with the ever changing European Marketplace,” commented Mr.Schnarr.

Mr Van Horn started his career in real estate in 1974 and joined Re/Max in 1985. Since that time he has been regional director of Re/Max of New England and regional director of the Re/Max southwest region (owned by Re/Max International) for the states of Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico. Mr. Van Horn spends most of his time working throughout Europe and teaches courses for both new and experienced office owners as well as new and experienced sales Associates. Likewise, he conducts courses for franchise sales consultants and consults with European regional owners on topics of franchise sales, building a successful Re/Max office, increasing sales associate productivity, and the recruiting and retention of sales associates. Mr. Van Horn, who works exclusively within the Re/Max system, will put across four Re/Max programmes this week – “ Re/Max and you”, “Your Re/Max career”, “Succeed”, and “New franchise owner training / Managing office training”.

The first programme is a one-day orientation of Re/Max designed for new agents and managers. Included is important material on the Re/Max Europe Code of Ethics.
The second introduces the basics of the real estate business. Specific topics will include building a foundation for business, working with owners, working with buyers, and high level consumer service. This is a three-day programme that is a prerequisite for success.

The management of Re/Max Malta will be receiving an induction course on how to deliver “Succeed”, an eight-week activities-based programme that is completed in the estate agent’s office, with mentoring assistance. The activities in the programme are real life situations designed to firmly acquaint the estate agent with developing business and delivering quality services. All elements of the estate agency business will be covered.

Management will also be given an update on “New franchise owner training” and “Managing an office” programmes.

The Career Development Model can only be delivered by Re/Max approved trainers. Malta currently has one approved trainer but plans to have at least two active trainers to be able to cater for Malta and Gozo in the near future.

For further information, phone Mr. Jeff Buttigieg on (+356) 2138 0440 or (+356) 9947 5620, e-mail, or visit